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About Us

Philippine Interactive Audiotext Services, Inc. (PIASI) is an outsource call center and business solutions provider.  It is a service bureau dedicated to providing support to customer service oriented companies giving them the ability to respond immediately and effectively to the needs of their customers. 


PIASI is your boutique business outsource partner, committed to design and implement a total and tailored solution that limits your business risks while opening up other business opportunities.


As a business solutions provider, PIASI provides consulting and custom design and development of applications for call center services.  Established partnerships with the country’s leading telcos has likewise strengthened its experience in being an extensive operating domestic and international service bureau equipped with the most sophisticated telecommunications equipment, computer software, and highly trained on-line operators. 


In August 1999, PIASI pioneered the call center service for embassies through the introduction of the service for the US Embassy in Manila.  Because of the impact and success of this service, the PIASI Call Center immediately evolved from just an information system to include the scheduling of appointments for interview.  Other ancillary services soon followed which provided both administrative and backroom support .  These included courier services, staff placement, document sorting and pre-screening services, data archiving & imaging, supplies sourcing, and advisory call-out handling. As a result, many foreign counterparts of its embassy clients have visited the company’s facility to consult with PIASI management on the feasibility of adapting the same service in their respective missions worldwide. 


Today, PIASI boasts of being the business partner outsource of eight of the biggest foreign embassy operations in the country providing both front-end and back-room office solutions.


Other client partners include a local bank, an insurance company, a California-based mortgage company and an e-business training, consulting and production company.  PIASI has also done work for an international electronics manufacturing company and another BPO based in India. It is proud to have started the call center operations of a growing multinational marketing company by centralizing its contact centers in 22 countries world-wide and consolidating its operations in the PIASI headquarters.


“Tailoring Solutions that Transform”